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We dont have 25 diferent strains from Afropips in our online marijuana seeds store . Please check list of available seeds bellow:

Blue Cheese stock:Available
Durban Poison stock:Available
Fast Blast stock:Available
Grenadella stock:Available
Mabombe stock:Available
Malaki stock:Available
Malawi Mini stock:Available
Malberino stock:Available
MalSP stock:Available
Mr Majestyk stock:Available
Nigerian stock:Available
Nigerian 99 stock:Available
Nigerian x Afghan stock:Available
Platinum stock:Available
Power Malawi stock:Available
Sangoma stock:Available
Senegal Haze stock:Available
Southern Ice stock:Available
Swazi Red stock:Available
Sweet Malawi stock:Available
Sweet White Malawi stock:Available
Tribal Vision stock:Available
Triple Treat stock:Available